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Sugar-Marie offers a new range of food products for those who want to have their first taste of cannabis-infused cuisine.  Sugar-Marie, and its “cannabis-ready” kits, will accompany you step by step on this gastronomic adventure.  All you need to do is add your own cannabis oil that you’ll find at authorized Canadian cannabis store. Sugar-Marie uses only the very best ingredients and dreams up recipes which are easy to prepare.


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Why Sugar-Marie?

Sugar-Marie believes that  “edibles”  prepared with cannabis oil, do provide a more healthy and enjoyable way of consuming cannabis. The pungent and aggressive fumes that attack our healthy lungs and the persistent odors belong to the past.

And what could be more satisfying than combining the sweet euphoric effects of cannabis with gastronomic delights !

… whilst bearing in mind, of course, that even the best things in life need to be tempered by common sense and moderation!

– It’s essential to bear in mind that the effects of THC can take up to 30 or 90 minutes to be felt.  You must therefore consume prudently and patiently…

– It is also strongly recommended to use cannabis oil prepared by licensed producers in order to know the exact THC content and to be able to dose up the quantities accurately.

Furthermore Sugar-Marie advocates the micro-dosing approach. All our recipes are made up to offer small amounts with a very light THC input as per our instructions. If required, you can adjust the dosage to suit yourself.

On reflection, this approach is much the same as being introduced to alcohol. Most of us have got to know our tolerance level of alcohol by trial and error and by educating ourselves: in terms of the quantity, alcoholic content, that your body can comfortably put up with, etc. Sugar-Marie is convinced that the same will apply to cannabis.

Bon appétit !

Clients testimonies

OMG! Let's just say that the LOL POP's put a lot of atmosphere in the party...So cool !
A product that is both festive and delicious, my boyfriend and I really enjoyed the LOL POP experience. At last a refined solution to learn about edibles.

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